Overview top

The course covers aspects of practical Seamanship as required by the EDH syllabus contained in MGN 10 (M) to MGN 97(M) annex 1.

Documentation required - Discharge book or Record of Sea Service.

Entry Requirements top

You must be aged 17 or over with a minimum of 6 months approved sea service in the deck department of sea going merchant ships and a navigational watch ratings certificate or a steering certificate.

The requirements for EDH have been amended to allow a more flexible approach for the yacht, workboat and fishing industry.

The following certification and experience will permit entry on to an EDH course and examination:

a) MCA accepted Yachtmaster Offshore certificate 2 and shore based course 3; b) Yacht Rating with at least 6 months sea service and a steering certificate or navigational watch ratings certificate; 

c) Fishing Class 2 CoC or the Seafish 5 day watchkeeping course for under 16.5m fishing certificates;

d) BML Tier 1, level 2 certificate; or e) Tug rating with at least 6 months sea time (which may be in categorised water) and a steering certificate or NWR certificate. Note: before an EDH certificate can be issued, a minimum of 6 months sea service in vessels of more than 15m is required.

  • Sea service in category C and D waters will be accepted at full rate.
  • Royal Yachting Association (RYA) or International Yacht Training (IYT) certificates will be accepted.
  • The Shore based Course is not required if you hold a Yachtmaster Offshore issued before 31 July 2003.

Assessment top

Students are continuously assessed during the EDH course. A final practical/oral exam will take place for all students on the last day of the course.

Professional Opportunities top

Merchant Navy personnel wishing to qualify as deck rating Grade 1, also a prerequisite for a first Certificate of Competency (Deck) and is the qualifying examination for issue of AB's certificate.

Dates & Fees

Start End 19+ Full Cost
26/11/2018 30/11/2018 £470.00£470.00*
3/12/2018 7/12/2018 £470.00£470.00*
7/1/2019 11/1/2019 £470.00£470.00*
21/1/2019 25/1/2019 £470.00£470.00*
28/1/2019 1/2/2019 £470.00£470.00*
*Fee for non-UK residents
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