Overview top

You will study:

  • Casualty assessment and resuscitation
  • Treatment of bleeding, burns, shock
  • Rescue and transportation of casualty

Entry Requirements top

No prior training required.

Assessment top

Continuous assessment by observation and questioning of learning outcomes.

Includes a written exam paper. 

Professional Opportunities top

Required under STCW 95 for new entrants into the Merchant Navy as part of mandatory Basic Familiarisation Training.

Dates & Fees

Start End 19+ Full Cost
22/10/2018 22/10/2018 £140.00£140.00*
29/10/2018 29/10/2018 £140.00£140.00*
6/12/2018 6/12/2018 £140.00£140.00*
10/12/2018 10/12/2018 £140.00£140.00*
11/12/2018 11/12/2018 £140.00£140.00*
28/1/2019 28/1/2019 £140.00£140.00*
30/1/2019 30/1/2019 £140.00£140.00*
*Fee for non-UK residents
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