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Acceptable use of ICT.PDF 164.82 KB
Admissions Policy.pdf 163.71 KB
Assessment Malpractice and Maladministration Policy.pdf 263.69 KB
Assessment Policy - FE.PDF 235.57 KB
Assessment Policy - HE.PDF 350.25 KB
Attendance Policy 14-16 v3.pdf 71.72 KB
Bursary Policy.pdf 328.53 KB
Careers, Information, Advice and Guidance Policy v2 Dec 19.pdf 382.5 KB
Complaints Policy.pdf 243.97 KB
Control of ICT Software and Hardware.pdf 203.42 KB
Counselling Policy January 2015.pdf 123.71 KB
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.pdf 206.2 KB
Data Protection Policy.pdf 358.38 KB
DBS Policy and Procedure v3.pdf 193.93 KB
Disability Equality Policy.pdf 180.67 KB
Equality and Diversity Policy v6.pdf 46.01 KB
E-Safety Policy.pdf 312.09 KB
Exclusion Policy 14-16 v3.pdf 64.23 KB
External Speakers Policy v3.pdf 328.53 KB
Fees Policy 2017-18.pdf 317.38 KB
Fraud and Bribery Policy.pdf 568.01 KB
Freedom of Information Policy.pdf 187.13 KB
Gender Equality Policy.pdf 175.22 KB
Grievance Policy.pdf 155.7 KB
Health and Safety Policy.docx 2.2 MB
Information Security Policy.pdf 287.62 KB
Internal Assessment Appeals Policy v9.doc 138.5 KB
Internal Verification for NVQ Policy v8.pdf 79.04 KB
Late Submission of Coursework Policy.pdf 41.94 KB
Learner Involvement Policy.pdf 229.31 KB
Learning and Teaching Policy.pdf 245.63 KB
Learning Support Policy.pdf 394.63 KB
Maths-English Policy.pdf 243.51 KB
Plagiarism Policy.pdf 265.41 KB
Public Interest Disclosure Procedure.pdf 259.35 KB
Public Access to Board Meetings and Publication of Minutes v2.pdf 113.93 KB
Prayer Room Policy.pdf 141.4 KB
Quality Policy.pdf 331.42 KB
Race Equality Policy.pdf 222.16 KB
Recruitment and Selection Policy and Procedure v6.pdf 317.47 KB
Recognition of Prior Learning Policy.pdf 253.09 KB
Relocation Expenses Policy.pdf 368.76 KB
Safeguarding Procedure v2.pdf 220.79 KB
Safeguarding (PreventCare Act) v2.pdf 142.84 KB
Security Policy.pdf 550.67 KB
Social Media Policy.pdf 174.83 KB
Standards Moderation Policy.pdf 236.28 KB
Student Anti Bullying Policy.pdf 247.99 KB
Student Attendance Policy.pdf 190.59 KB
Student Behaviour Policy v11 March 16.pdf 196.06 KB
Subcontracting Supply policy v7.pdf 428.57 KB
Supply-chain Fees and Charges 15-16.xlsx 20.89 KB
Transgender Protocol June 2009 updated 29 Jan 2018.pdf 268.6 KB
Tutorial Support Policy v5.pdf 246.53 KB
Tyne Coast College student disciplinary policy.pdf 636.74 KB
Tyne Coast College Trade Union Facility Time Data (website).docx 25.38 KB
UKVI Policy v4.pdf 67.44 KB
Work Placement Policy.pdf 650.51 KB