Information regarding Coronavirus is constantly changing and we understand you may have concerns.

We are open.

We just wanted to reassure you that South Tyneside College remains open for students, in line with government guidance.

We appreciate that this is a really challenging, and often confusing time, but we are here for you.

The college is open as usual, but your timetable may have changed slightly for some students. Please speak to your lecturer.  

As always, we will be closely monitoring the situation and will inform you and your parent/carer if anything changes.

In the meantime:

  • For any queries about curriculum, please talk to your lecturer or course tutor
  • For any concerns or queries surrounding mental health and wellbeing support, please talk to your Personal Progression Coach (PPC)
  • For student support or any other issues contact our Student Services team on 0191 427 3900, email or pop on to our LiveChat in the bottom right corner of the screen 

We know things are constantly changing at the moment, so we wanted to reassure you of the plans we have in place on campus when it comes to keeping staff and students COVID safe, as well as explaining what would happen in a range of different cases so you know what to expect.

Our students

  1. Students were asked to complete a health declaration when they started their course. It is our intention to ask students to complete this again before they come back to college after the half term break, which runs from 23rd October to 2nd November, and at further regular intervals through the academic year. Students will receive a text or email from us with the link to follow to complete the health declaration form.
  2. Students must sanitise hands on arrival at college and throughout the day. Sanitiser has been placed in all classrooms as well as in communal areas throughout the campus. Students are also encouraged to wash their hands, for 20 seconds, regularly throughout the day.
  3. Coloured zones have been allocated to different areas of the college – with students allocated to a specific zone and asked to limit movement between zones. 
  4. Students are being taught in ‘study bubbles’. This means students are part of their own group of learners when they are in college, as well as being allocated to a zone, as above
  5. Although our refectory, Starbucks and Costa facilities are open, there are no sit-in options and a takeaway menu only is on offer. 
  6. Students are asked to have lunch in their classrooms. 
  7. Face masks are mandatory in communal areas such as corridors, reception, etc.
  8. If a student has been exempt from wearing a face mask, they will be wearing an orange lanyard. We will need to formally record details of those students who are exempt.
  9. Toilets are limited to one person at a time
  10. Floor markings and posters throughout the campus reinforce messages around COVID symptoms
  11. Classrooms are allocated for set bubbles 
  12. Regular, additional cleaning takes place throughout the day.

We have set aside COVID isolation rooms should a student or member of staff become ill during their time on site.


If one of our students has COVID symptoms

Any student displaying symptoms of COVID MUST NOT come into college.

All students have access to a self-assessment tool on our student portal, Moodle, which can help to assess whether you should attend college.

The main symptoms to look out for are:

  • A high temperature
  • A new or continuous cough
  • A loss or change to sense of small and/or taste

If you have any of these symptoms, you must ring 111, book a test and inform the college.

If you receive positive test results, it is important to inform the college of this immediately.


What does it mean if a bubble has broken or burst?

A burst or broken bubble mean that an incident has occurred within the ‘study bubble’ a student is part of. An example of this is:

Student in the study bubble has tested positive. If a student in a ‘study bubble’ has tested positive for COVID, the college will undertake a formal and speedy investigation. However, it is likely that the whole bubble will need to self-isolate for 14 days.

If this happens to your bubble, you must self-isolate at home for 14 days and MUST NOT return to college within this time, even if you have a COVID test with a negative result.

If within this time, you develop symptoms of COVID, you should ring 111 and book a test. If you receive a positive test result, you must inform the college immediately and follow the guidance given by the NHS. 

Please remember that self-isolating is different to social distancing or shielding. A person who is self-isolating must not leave the house or socialise with other households, even if this is in their own house.


How will our students continue to learn if they are self-isolating?

In the event of a ‘study bubble’ going into self-isolation, studying will be moved to online delivery. This means that lessons will be delivered virtually by a member of our teaching staff. Students will continue to have access to our dedicated support teams, including counsellors, personal progression coaches and our students services team. 

We asked all students to provide details of any barriers they may have to learning, should they need to move to a virtual, online delivery. This is to enable us to make sure we can support those who do not have access to the facilities and equipment they need to continue remote studying. If you do not have equipment at home to continue online learning effectively, please contact the student services bursary fund contact on 0191 427 3594 or email

Please note, if a member of our teaching and support staff is diagnosed with COVID, the above procedure will also apply.


What will happen in the event of a full lock-down

As you will know, the north east is currently part of stricter local measures to prevent the spread of COVID. However, the college remains open as usual.

Should the government impose further restrictions and it becomes necessary to close the campus, we will move to a full online learning programme. This means that all lessons will move to a virtual, online delivery model.  Please don’t worry, teaching staff have been preparing for this.  At the end of the last academic term, during national lockdown, all learning was delivered online, with excellent results. We’re ready!


So, what does this mean for students?

All students will stay on their current timetables with lessons being delivered remotely.

Our curriculum team will be easily available during timetabled classes and our full wrap around of support staff will be available for the usual onsite hours.

Please don’t worry. If this does happen we will provide you with full details and there will be minimal disruption in learning.

If you are worried that you don’t have what you need at home to study, please contact our student services bursary fund contact on 0191 427 3594 or email

Along with talking to your lecturer, PPC or a member of our student services team, our website, moodle and social media platforms are all great ways of keeping in touch with us.

Stay safe.



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