Situated on the riverside at South Shields, the Marine and Offshore Safety Training centre (MOST) has extensive facilities that have been developed to provide commercial marine courses that emulate the most realistic offshore environment.

The centre incorporates a 16m by 10m, and 4m deep, environmental pool, which is used for survival training. It is equipped with a variable wave pattern generator, and wind, rain, light and sound effects.

We run weekly STCW refresher and offshore courses at a competitive rate.*

For upcoming course availability, click on the course of interest below to book online! 

*Early booking is advisable due to demand. 



Advanced Firefighting4-day course£1,020    Contact us to book         
Designed Security Duties1-day course £195Click for upcoming dates
Efficient Deckhand5-day course £640Click for upcoming dates  
Elementary First Aid1-day course£160Click for upcoming dates  
Enclosed Space Entry1-day course £215Contact us to book 
Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting 3-day course £715Contact us to book 
IMO Train the Instructor 5-day course £875Contact us to book 
Medical Care Aboard Ship 5-day course£725Click for upcoming dates
Medical First Aid Onboard Ship 4-day course£520Click for upcoming dates
Personal Safety & Social Responsibilit1/2 day course£135Click for upcoming dates
Personal Survival Techniques 1/2 day course£210Click for upcoming dates
Proficiency in Security Awareness 1-day course£110Contact us to book 
Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats 5-day course£780Contact us to book 
Ship Security Officer 3-day course£750Click for upcoming dates
Tanker Fire Fighting 1-day course£170Click for upcoming dates



Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency 

Training (BOSIET) with CA-EBS

3-day course £795 Click for upcoming dates 
Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System 2-hour course£125Contact us to book      
Further Offshore Emergency Training (FOET) with CA-EBS1-day course£500Click for upcoming dates
Minimum Industry Safety Training (MIST)2-day course£445Contact us to book      
UK Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET)1-day course£375Click for upcoming dates



Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher (Route 1)1/2 day course £200Click for upcoming dates
Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher (Route 2)1-day course £255Click for upcoming dates
Fast Rescue Boat Refresher Route 11-day course-COMING SOON  
Fast Rescue Boat Refresher Route 21-day course-COMING SOON  
Fast Rescue Boat 3-day course -COMING SOON

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Updating 

Training (Refresher Training)

1-day course£275Click for upcoming dates
MCA STCW Medical Care Refresher L43-day course£450Click for upcoming dates

Personal Survival Techniques Updating 

Training (Refresher Training)

1/2 day course£130Click for upcoming dates
PSC and RB Updating Training (Route 1)1/2 day course£170Click for upcoming dates
PSC and RB Updating Training (Route 2)1-day course£245Click for upcoming dates



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Alternatively, our team can be contacted at: 

0191 427 3642 / 3772.