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STCW Refresher Training

If you are serving onboard a ship and are qualified in any of the following courses, you are required as of 1st January 2017, to have documentary evidence of either completing the training course or updating training within the last five years.

- Full Course (Route 1)

- Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Refresher

- Advanced Fire Fighting Refresher (Route 1) - £165 (Route 2)

- Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boats Refresher (Route 1)  (Route 2)

- Personal Survival Techniques Refresher



Early booking is advisable

Courses running throughout the year. Please call or email for available dates.

Please see the attached joining instructions on the ‘Further Information’ tab to ensure you meet the necessary requirements for this course. 

Dates & Fees

Start End 19+ Full Cost
30/10/2019 30/10/2019 £240.00£240.00*
27/11/2019 27/11/2019 £240.00£240.00*
29/1/2020 29/1/2020 £240.00£240.00*
27/2/2020 27/2/2020 £240.00£240.00*
26/3/2020 26/3/2020 £240.00£240.00*
19/5/2020 19/5/2020 £240.00£240.00*
23/6/2020 23/6/2020 £240.00£240.00*
23/7/2020 23/7/2020 £240.00£240.00*
*Fee for non-UK residents
Whilst we make every effort to ensure that all information relating to courses and fees is correct on the website it is always advisable to call our Student Services team to check the current situation with regards to fees and funding.