International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

Overview top

The Advanced Polar Code course is principally intended for Masters and Officers in charge of a navigational watch involved in navigating in ice conditions. A trainee successfully completing this course will be able to use the knowledge and experience gained to overcome the problems brought about by navigating in ice covered seas.

Course content:

  • Plan and conduct a voyage in polar water.
  • Manage the safe operation of vessels operating in polar waters.
  • Maintain safety of the ship's crew and passengers and the operational condition of life-saving, fire-fighting and other systems.

There are five outcomes to the training

  • Ensure vessel preparedness for voyages operating in polar waters
  • Ensure crew and passenger preparedness on vessels operating in polar waters 
  • Plan and conduct a voyage in polar waters
  • Manoeuvre and operate the vessel safely
  • Manage the response to emergencies

Entry Requirements top


Please refer to MIN 595 paragraph 9.

To be issued with a CoP for Advanced Training for Ships Operating in Polar Waters you must:

(a) Have met the requirements for certification in basic training for ships operating in polar waters;

(b) Have completed two months approved seagoing service in the deck department at either operational or management level polar waters or equivalent** ;

(c) Complete an MCA approved Advanced Training Programme for Ships operating in Polar Waters.

** Equivalent seagoing service will be considered on a case by case basis based on evidence of familiarity with tasks listed in Section B-V/g of STCW Code. Evidence should be in the format of a company letter detailing; your roles and responsibilities against the guidance listed in Section B-V/g of STCW Code, the vessel(s) you worked on, the area(s) you operated in and the dates that your vessel(s) operated in the equivalent waters.

Assessment top

During the course candidates will be assessed by short answer questions and observation during simulation exercises covering the topics covered in Column 4 of Table A-V/4-2 - Criteria for evaluating competence.

Specification of minimum standard of competence in advanced training for ships operating in Polar Waters.

Further Information top

If a company wants specific dates for a course then we will do our best to accommodate provided there are a minimum of 2 people for the course.


Dates & Fees

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