International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters

Overview top

To give seafarers on board ships operating in polar waters, in conjunction with the guidance provided in the Polar Code, the education and training covered within the STCW requirements.

During the course the learner will know

  • about ice found in polar waters
  • about the polar water regions where ice is found and related seasonal changes
  • and understand about vessel preparedness, performance and capability in polar water regions
  • and understand emergency preparedness and response to emergencies in polar waters
  • how to ensure compliance with pollution prevention requirements and how to prevent environmental hazards
  • and understand how to use international and regional regulations and codes whilst operating in polar water.

Contribute to the safe operation of vessels operating in polar waters.

Monitor and ensure compliance with legislative requirements.

Apply safe working practices, respond to emergencies.

Ensure compliance with pollution prevention requirements and prevent environmental hazards.

Entry Requirements top

Masters and officers undertaking this basic training course must have completed a minimum of six months sea time on board any vessel operating in any waters.

Assessment top

During the course candidates will be assessed by short answer questions covering the topics covered in Column 4 of Table A-V/4-1 - Criteria for evaluating competence.

Specification of minimum standard of competence in basic training for ships operating in Polar Waters.

Further Information top

If a company wants specific dates for a course then we will do our best to accommodate provided there are a minimum of 4 people for the course.


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Dates & Fees

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