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The Electronic Navigation Equipment Maintenance course (ENEM) is approved by AMERC to meet the requirements of STCW 1978, as amended, for the purposes of Table A-III/6, ETO Certificate of Competency.

The course is also suitable for marine electrical engineers who have a knowledge of electrical and electronic principles and wish to apply it to a range of electronic navigation aids and equipment.

Together with the practical elements the course also covers the operation and block functional mode of operation of each piece of navigation equipment. Functional interfacing protocols (NMEA) and integrated bridge systems form a significant part of the course content.

The course consists of:


Personal safe working practices when working on navigational equipment and the safety of the vessel when working with equipment used for navigational purposes.

Steering equipment

Operation of all controls; three term controllers - functional analysis of systems diagram.


Doppler and electromagnetic logs; interfacing with bridge equipment.


Operation and maintenance (interfacing).

Satellite Navigational


Loran / ECDIS & AIS

Principle of operation and integrated systems.

ARPA & Radar

Principles of operation of radar systems (Polar and Raster scan).

Functional approach to target acquisition and synthetics.

Entry Requirements top

It is strongly advised by South Shields Marine School that you complete the AMERC Electronic Principles and Applications course or obtain an exemption letter from IAMI before attending this course.

To obtain an AMERC ENEM Certificate you must have either:

  • a Department of Transport (DoT) Radar Maintenance Certificate,
  • an IAMI Exemption letter for AMERC Electronic Principles and Applications or
  • a pass letter for the AMERC Electronic Principles and Applications exam.

You must bring either of these with you when attending the AMERC ENEM course.

Assessment top

100% attendance of the course is a requirement for successful completion and certification.

Continuous practical and theoretical assessment is conducted throughout the course.

Successful candidates will gain a college course completion certificate and an MCA recognised AMERC ENEM certificate from the awarding body.

Professional Opportunities top

AMERC ENEM certification is an optional requirement for a UK Electro Technical Officer Certificate of Competency (ETO CoC).

AMERC ENEM Certification is an optional requirement for the UK SETO CoC Endorsement.

Further Information top

To apply for this course please telephone the Marine Booking Centre on 0191 427 3772 or send an email to marinebooking@tynecoast.ac.uk 


Dates & Fees

Contact us for current course dates and fees.