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South Shields Marine School is now offering an oral preparation course for candidates who are wishing to prepare for their MCA oral exams on either the experienced ETO’s and the ETO alternative route. 

The course duration is 1 week, with a blend of tutor led teaching and learner led Q+A (latest past oral questions provided), with a mock oral exam by request. Access to library books, Teams (which contains our Management Level course notes), industry guidance and instructional videos are also included.  

You can now study this course on campus or remotely; this will consist of the entire course that is taught at South Shields Marine School being available to attend remotely.  Our experienced lecturing staff will be using wireless microphones in class along with sharing their computer screen and PowerPoint presentations. 

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For more information, please contact mmeng@tynecoast.ac.uk 

Dates & Fees

Contact us for current course dates and fees.