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This 1 Day STCW ‘Updated Proficiency in Fire-Fighting and Fire Prevention’ Course is designed to give the learner the essential education and training set out in Table A-V1/1-2 of the STCW Code. The course is appropriate for learners who already have an STCW Certificate and are looking to update their skills in order to endorse their Certificate of Competency or who are required to maintain their current standard of competency.

Students are evaluated on their aptitude to successfully control fire-fighting processes. An assortment of practical exercises involving fighting fires of different types and intensity are included.

This course is required to be refreshed every 5 years.


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Learners who are undertaking this training:-

  • Must have completed Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting Course as set out in (Section A-V1/1-2) of the STCW Code, or be in the process of completing it or similar training acceptable to the MCA.
  • Fit to participate in all aspects of the training. In particular, the learner must be made aware of the practical aspects of the training and the physically demanding nature of some of the exercises and the use of Breathing Apparatus.
  • Due to the practical element of the course requiring learners to wear Breathing Apparatus in realistic hot fire conditions, all facial/ear/neck jewellery must be able to be removed before entry into the hot fire unit. Any jewellery which cannot be removed will preclude the learner from completing the practical element of the course. Failure to complete this element of the course will constitute a course failure.
  • Valid Passport for proof of identity. British citizens who do-not have a valid Passport may provide a UK Photo Driving Licence or a UK Government issued Photo Identity Document.

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During the course the learner will be continually assessed on a number of topics including:

  • Ways in which a fire can start, and the theory of combustion.
  • Ways in which a fire can spread.
  • Fire Prevention methods on-board.
  • Actions on discovering a fire.
  • Recognition of Classes of Fire.
  • Safety aspects and use of portable Fire Extinguishers (theory and practical).
  • Recognition of the signs and symptoms of Flashover and Backdraught.
  • Breathing Apparatus familiarisation and procedures, including Breathing Apparatus Entry Control Procedures.
  • Introduction to basic fire-fighting equipment available.
  • Correctly don and wear suitable Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Experience realistic heat and humidity conditions as encountered in a fire scenario on-board.
  • Safely and effectively extinguish a ‘live’ fire as part of a Fire Team.
  • Safely and effectively rescue a casualty from a ‘live’ fire scenario.

Upon successful completion of the course, all learners are issued with an STCW ‘Updated Proficiency in Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention’ Certificate.



Professional Opportunities top

Please note that any STCW training does not provide direct employment opportunities within the Merchant Navy sector. The training provided on this course is to supplement your existing skills and experience and hence enable you to meet the basic safety requirements of employment at sea. You are advised to review the range of employment opportunities available for a match with your current skill set.

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Please note: If you are not a British or EU Passport holder, you will require a Student Visitor Visa to attend any course at Tyne Coast College. Could you please contact the Marine Booking Office on telephone Number: 0191 4273772 or email: MarineBooking@tynecoast.ac.uk to book your place and also arrange your Visa letter.The College accepts no responsibility if you book your place online but have not obtained a Student Visitor Visa resulting in non-attendance. Refunds will not be given in this instance.

NOTE*  If you are looking for the entry level STCW Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting course please click the link provided below.



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For dates after 1st August 2021, please follow  the link above to the Online Booking System.

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