Overview top

This course provides seafarers with the essential education and training in personal survival techniques meeting the requirements set out in STCW Code Table A-VI/1-1.  The student will have a good understanding of how to survive at sea in the event of ship abandonment. 

Entry Requirements top

The learner must be at least 16 years of age to be issued with a Certificate of Proficiency. In exceptional circumstances where a learner is physically able and fit they may be able to complete the training course prior to her/his 16th birthday.

Assessment top

Students are continuously assessed during the course in the pool. They must demonstrate the following:

Donning of an emersion suit and life jacket.

Stepping into the water.

Swimming whilst wearing a life jacket.

Enter a life raft and subsequent immediate and secondary actions whilst in the life raft.

Righting an upside down life raft.

Simulated winching from a life raft.

There is also a multi choice written exam

Professional Opportunities top

This course is a requirement for all person proceeding to sea in the merchant navy.

Dates & Fees

Start End 19+ Full Cost
13/7/2020 13/7/2020 £190.00£190.00*
23/10/2019 23/10/2019 £190.00£190.00*
24/10/2019 24/10/2019 £190.00£190.00*
31/10/2019 31/10/2019 £190.00£190.00*
21/11/2019 21/11/2019 £190.00£190.00*
5/12/2019 5/12/2019 £190.00£190.00*
6/2/2020 6/2/2020 £190.00£190.00*
13/2/2020 13/2/2020 £190.00£190.00*
20/2/2020 20/2/2020 £190.00£190.00*
5/3/2020 5/3/2020 £190.00£190.00*
20/3/2020 20/3/2020 £190.00£190.00*
11/6/2020 11/6/2020 £190.00£190.00*
*Fee for non-UK residents
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