Overview top

This course meets the requirements of the MCA and the IALA Model Course V-103/2 and prepares participants in effective VTS supervision management. It is intended to cover the knowledge and practical competence required for gaining an endorsement in the VTS Certification Log as a VTS Supervisor.

Entry Requirements top

Every candidate for endorsement as VTS Supervisor should have at least 12 months as an Operator and have completed the Refresher course in the last 3 years.

If the candidate does not have a marine background, they will be required to complete an assessment paper before attending the course.  The assessment paper will be related to the MAIB report for the Maritime Lady.  The questions are aimed at exploring key areas related to: Ship Stability & Construction, Cargo Operations and Ship handling and manoeuvring.

This is to fulfil the additional Nautical Knowledge requirement, as listed in MGN 434 Amendment 1- Annex 2, Stage 3.

The assignments may be completed with any relevant resources. The candidate may discuss the assignments with colleagues in addition to drawing upon a range of resources to collate the information they require.

Please complete and return the assessment approximately 1 week before the commencement of the course.

The assessments should be the delegates own work and this should be verified by their line manager.

Assessment top

The complete course comprises six modules, each of which deals with a specific subject representing a requirement or function of a VTS Supervisor, followed by simulated exercises intended to be representative of events and incidents likely to be experienced in a VTS centre.

The modules are:

  • Advanced Traffic Management
  • VTS Equipment
  • Additional Personal Attributes
  • Responding to Emergency Situations
  • Administrative Functions
  • Legal Knowledge

Other areas of the course are:

- Portfolio assessment and validation.

- Education and training taught via lectures, presentations, case studies, workshops, simulation, group learning, etc.

- Continuous assessment: competence based and criteria referenced formative assessment.

- Formal assessment: criteria referenced open book assessment using case studies.

Dates & Fees

Start End 19+ Full Cost
2/11/2020 13/11/2020 £4510.00£4510.00*
1/3/2021 12/3/2021 £4510.00£4510.00*
14/6/2021 25/6/2021 £4510.00£4510.00*
*Fee for non-UK residents
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