supporting you and your mental health

Mental Health affects how we think and feel about ourselves including our mood, thoughts, behaviour and how we view things that have happened.

Having poor mental health can really change our capacity to learn, to communicate and to form and maintain relationships. Not only that but it can change our ability to cope with change, stress and life in general. 


5 tips to look after your mental health

Recognise how you feel – take some time each day to think about what you’re feeling and what is causing it. 

Talk to others – once you know how you feel, it can help to share it with a trusted friend or adult or even anonymously 

Stay physically healthy – exercise, balanced sleep and healthy eating can all help to reduce stress

Be kind to yourself – sometimes called self-care, this is about making time for YOU

Practice staying in the present – sometimes called mindfulness, this is about focussing on what is happening to your body right now, rather than the past or future. 

Where can I go and who can I talk to in college?

There are loads of people at the college who are on hand
to support you.

  • Student Services – find them just near main reception
  • Pastoral Hubs - Visit Student Services or speak to your Tutorial Coach in sessions.
  • Tutorial Coaches - Visit Student Services or speak to your Tutorial Coach in sessions.
  • Intervention Mentors during independent study or call 0191 427 3500.
  • Additional Learning Support at A104 near main reception
  • Safeguarding Lead - Eamonn Murphy: call 07762 223 818 or email To find out more about Safeguarding, click here.


Mental Health Support Services in college
  • Togetherall – Safe online support for mental health and well-being. Available 24/7 for anyone over 16. Join the community, click here.
  • Kooth – Kooth’s online community offers free, safe and anonymous support no matter how big or small. Kooth is for young people from 11-25. Join the community, click here.


Organisations which support with anxiety,
depression & other mental health concerns


Organisations which support with self-harm or
suicidal thoughts


More useful contacts and websites


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