Wednesday, 17th March 2021

We were delighted to welcome the latest addition to the Marine Offshore Safety Training Centre team, James Musgrove – who has joined us as a Lecturer.

James, at the age of sixteen, began his maritime journey with us here at South Shields Marine School, initially training as a Deck OOW cadet, gaining sponsorship from Maersk. He then qualified from his OOW Unlimited license, in which he was awarded ‘Cadet of the Year’ award for all his hard work and results, this made him the youngest qualified Officer of the Marine School at the time before continuing to work onboard Maersk’s container vessels. James then went on to securing his dream role as a Deck Officer onboard cruise ships in 2009.

After a successful 11+ years in the cruise industry, James climbed up the ranks to ‘First Officer’ (second in command to the Captain of the vessel) which involved supervising various deck operations, which was a challenging yet highly enjoyable role.  

In 2014, James completed his Chief Mate Unlimited license, followed by his Masters Unlimited qualification in 2018, studying with us here at the marine school.

Prior to joining us, James was sailing as Master onboard dredging vessels, fulfilling his achievements in becoming Captain within the Merchant Navy.

James is a member of the United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) Mariner Expert Panel which involves evaluating and providing feedback on UKHO products ensuring they are beneficial and mariner friendly for all working at sea.

We asked James, what attracted him to joining South Shields Marine School?

“I felt a strong desire to help and train students to achieve their dream career in the Merchant Navy, like I did. I am thrilled to be working back in South Shields where I originally grew up and trained myself and am delighted to be able to share my vast experiences and provide the required knowledge with the next generation of students”.

James has demonstrated throughout his successful career, that he has experience and knowledge to help train Merchant Navy cadets of the future and we wish him the very best of luck in his new role.

We are delighted to have him on board.  








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