The Dock

The Dock, which is just by main reception, serves a choice of hot and cold refreshments and main meals including vegetarian and healthy options. It is open for lunches and evening meals.

Opening Times 

Monday - Friday - 11.45am – 1.15pm

Saturday - Sunday - 10am – 1pm 


Monday - Thursday - 5pm – 6pm

Friday - 5pm – 5.30pm


Starbucks / Bakehouse

Starbucks/Bakehouse, which is also just by the main reception, offers the Starbucks coffee range as well as a selection of selection of freshly prepared hot and cold sandwiches, pastries and jacket potatoes and Starbucks coffees.

Opening Times

Monday - Wednesday - 8am - 7pm

Thursday - Friday - 8am - 5pm


Costa LRC

Costa LRC, which is at the entrance to South Shields Marine School, offers a selection of fresh sandwiches, hot patisseries, and Costa coffees.

Monday - Thursday - 8am - 3pm

Friday - 8am - 2pm

Vending machines are also available at various locations throughout the college. Students and staff can
benefit from a selection of low cost meal deals.