Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) & Training Crew Resource Management Training (CRM)

Human Element Leadership and Management (HELM) issues have in recent times received some high profile publicity. Our simulation system allows bridge to engine connectivity, enabling us to carry out real-life ship operational scenarios as training exercises. There really is no substitute for training exercises which simulate a real-life situation in real-time with the ship’s teams working together as one. This training will ensure that engine room and bridge personnel function more effectively as a cohesive team and gain a much greater understanding of the challenges and demands of each other’s working areas.

Training is designed to reduce accidents by improving crew performance through better crew co-ordination. To do this it addresses the non-technical skills such as team working, leadership, situational awareness, decision making and communication. This now enables engineers and bridge staff from cruise ships to be trained together in realistic exercises so that they can experience the results of their actions in a safe environment.

We can connect two more engine models to bridges; the RTA flex engine and medium speed engine connection are now available. New touch screen consoles in the full-mission engine room will also mean this space can be used for all four engines to bridge possibilities.

We have fitted a CCTV system suitable for CRM. CRM training involves the study of human actions and behaviour; what is said, what is implied, body language and gesture. The system is fully digital, utilising IP cameras and sophisticated recording and playback software. We achieve HD resolution as well as low-light capability. An instructor will be able to select any combination of cameras and associated microphones and play them back in synchronism in a playback location of their choice. For CRM this will mean joint bridge and engine playback. We have devised a debriefing room with twin HD projection to enable joint playback to occur.