Overview top

Welder training will be delivered according to customer specifications, using a wide range of materials and processes in a variety of positions. Training can be tailored to suit company/individual requirements and to match production requirements.

Pricing for welder training varies depending on length of training required, materials used, and level of testing/accreditation required. We offer welder training and certification to a wide range of standards including ASME-IX, BSEN 287, BS 4872, or other international standards. MMA, (SMAW) shielded metal welding FCAW (Flux Cored Arc Welding) (lux cored arc welding and metal cored wires) MIG (GMAW) TIG (GTAW).



Entry Requirements top

Proved welding experience and ability – interview and welding diagnostic assessment.

Candidates will have an initial practical diagnostic assessment (3hrs) to evaluate their current welding skills to tailor their training programme.

Assessment top

Candidates are continually assessed by their trainer as they progress their skills towards certification. The ASME IX training given will cover a wide range of coding certificates, allowing candidates more opportunities in the job market.

When candidates are ready, they will carry out a coded welding assessment which is underwritten by The Welding Institute – internally recognised standards within the engineering sector.

Candidates test piece(s) are inspected by a TWI assessor and sent to a welding test centre for a variety of destructive/non-destructive tests before a certificate is issued.

Professional Opportunities top

This qualification leads directly to an employment opportunity within various engineering sectors.

This is a high level skills qualification which provides opportunities to work on-shore or off-shore in highly paid roles within a skills shortage area.

Further Information top

Course dates and times are flexible to suit around your needs.