Overview top

Welcome to world of Art and Design!

The Level 1 NCFE in Art and Design is a one-year program of study, in which you will develop a range of skills through drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture workshops. You will study range of subjects like Fine art, Textiles, Graphics, and 3D design.

This is an exciting opportunity for learners who have an interest in Art and Design, but do not have any formal qualifications, to experiment with creative methods. 

During this year you will be set several projects where you will make your own work using the skills taught to you. You will learn about a variety of artists and designers alongside making your own creations from a set brief.

You will work individually and with your peers in a professional studio environment. You will learn team building skills, independent learning skills and studio management skills as part of your course.

There will be opportunities to visit galleries and other creative settings as part of your studies.

As part of the course, you will work with professional artists and designers enabling you to transfer your skills to real life industry work experiences. You will learn about how to display your work as part of an exhibition in an end of year show.


Entry Requirements top

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. However, you may find it helpful if you have an Entry level qualification. 

Evidence of interest in art, in the form of a sketchbook or a portfolio of work or images of artwork you have done.

If you do not hold a maths or English qualification, you will be expected to study these alongside your course.

Assessment top

Assessment is based on your project coursework and is continuous through each unit.

To be awarded the NCFE Level 1 Certificate in Art and Design, you must complete the following units.

Unit 1:  Experiment with Art and Design Ideas and Techniques.

Unit 2: Complete a Final Art and Design Project.

Unit 3: Create Art and Design Work Using 2-Dimensional Techniques.

Unit 5: Create Art and Design using Mixed Media Techniques.

Professional Opportunities top

Learners who succeed in completing the NCFE Level 1 Art and Design Certificate may have the opportunity to progress onto or NCFE L2 Art and Design program. 

Further Information top

Most materials are provided for learners, however, you should arrive with a pencil case with basics including pens, pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser. 

You will be expected to work in your own time (homework) as part of the course.