T Levels are a new government educational initiative designed to give young people a real taste of industry skills, and potential employers access to bright, emerging talent.

Designed for students aged 16-18, T Levels are two year technical programmes which offer an alternative to A Levels and the current vocational offer.

We would like to invite employers to participate in our T Level project to see how industry placements could benefit their business.   If you are an employer then be among the first in the north east to collaborate with us and benefit from a fully-supported route which could lead to successful apprenticeships and future proof your workforce.

What’s included…

We are offering 65 businesses a 350 hour industry placement per student. This equates to approximately 45 days. Students participating in the project will be qualified up to a Level 2 qualification and will be working towards their Level 3.

We can structure the days in a way that works for you and your business. We have found that 1-2 days per week is the usual schedule that works for employers but we can work with you to develop something that’s right for you.

Our support promise…

You will have a dedicated college adviser who will fully support you and your students through the entire placement, with regular visits and offsite support.

Benefits to YOU…

A fresh perspective

The project offers a great opportunity to work with someone who is enthusiastic, keen to learn and bring new ideas to your business.

Workforce development

Give your current employees the opportunity to develop their leadership skills by mentoring and coaching students during their placement, at no extra cost to you.

Extra help

We make sure each student in the T Level project has been developing the skills and knowledge to work in your industry. They will be able to offer genuine contributions to your business and after some mentoring to the role, will be able to support your workforce in essential tasks.

Talented workforce

By becoming an industry placement partner, you will make a real contribution to the development of local future talent, and can start to meet, develop and appraise potential employees.

Find out more…

If you’re interested in joining our T Level Industry Placement Project or would like more information please contact:

0191 427 3500 EXT. 3621/3701