Extra support
When you need it


Well, it’s just that – support which is in addition to the course you are studying. Our support services are there to support, guide and advise all students regardless of your course, the level you are studying or if you already receive another form of support. Whether you need a little extra help with your studies, specialist equipment, or just need a chat, the team are there for you.

Every student who walks through our door is different! We want all students to flourish and excel while helping to develop confidence, self-motivation, independence, and life skills. That’s why our Additional Learning Support (ALS) Team is here for you every step of the way. Our ALS services provide support, guidance, and advice alongside your studies, and are available to everyone – no matter what level you’re studying at or already receive another form of support. Whether you need a little extra help with your studies, specialist equipment, or a chat, the team is here and will create a personalised support package for you.

What support can we provide?

  • Allocated SEND Advisor for all learners who disclose they have Special Educational Need and/or Disability
  • Opportunity to have a support interview to identify barriers to learning and understand your needs
  • Personalised Inclusion Plans
  • Regular review of support to ensure what is in place is working for you
  • Learning Support Assistants (LSA) to provide support in and out of class
  • Supervision over lunch, break, and transport (if necessary)
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Support with personal care needs
  • Specialist software and equipment
  • Communication Support Workers
  • Links with external professionals such as Qualified Teacher of the Deaf, Visual Impairment Specialists, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists, and Social Services
  • Assessment and support for dyslexia
  • Maths, English and ESOL (Improve your English) support
  • Transition support in and out of college
  • Sensory room and quiet areas across the College

These are just examples, and if you’d like to talk about any support that hasn’t been outlined or support you feel you’d benefit from please pop into our Learning Support base in A104, call us on 0191 427 3500 or email als@tynecoast.ac.uk.


SEND Manager – Reece Layton reece.layton@tynecoast.ac.uk

Senior SEND Advisor – Christie Ferrier christie.ferrier@tynecoast.ac.uk

SEND Advisors – Albert Matapo albert.matapo@tynecoast.ac.uk, Rachel Smith rachel.smith@tynecoast.ac.uk, Lucy Young lucy.young@tynecoast.ac.uk

Timetabling and Support Coordinator – Amanda Leadbitter amanda.leadbitter@tynecoast.ac.uk

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