Supporting Teaching and Learning (Teaching Assistant)


Want to work with children or young people? Our Supporting Teaching and Learning (Teaching Assistant) courses provide you with an in-depth understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to work with children aged 5 and above in school, as well as young people in school and college. Our programmes cover learning development, safeguarding, health and safety, communication, equality and diversity practice. It also covers aspects of specialist support like planning, delivering and reviewing assessment strategies to support learning alongside the teacher, bilingual support, special needs support, personal development and reflective practice. You’ll also be on placement alongside your studies, giving you hands-on experience for the future.

A multi-ethnic group of six preschool children with a mixed race African-American and Caucasian teacher, sitting around a table in a classroom. The teacher and some of her students have their hands raised, holding up fingers, learning how to count.

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